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Jennifer Hughes

Integrative Physiotherapist

Meet Jennifer Hughes…

Hi, I’m Jenn

Since Graduating from the University of Sydney in 2002, I’ve worked as a qualified Physiotherapist in a variety of health care settings.

With a special interest in the intricate connection between the physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing of our bodies, my passion is to address each of these important areas, to facilitate our body’s ability to successfully heal from pain, injury and disease.

I began my career in the public hospital system developing skills in a variety of areas including intensive care units, respiratory, neurology, post op surgery, geriatrics and cardiac wards, as well as musculoskeletal departments and hydrotherapy pools.

I then expanded my repertoire in the private hospital system and musculoskeletal skills in private practice.

I love working with the body and supporting it to heal, so in 2014 I opened my own business offering one on one sessions, as well as running pilates based classes and meditation classes.

In 2012 I commenced my first trigger point dry needling qualifications and continued to expand on this technique in 2014, completing a further two advanced courses.

The majority of my practice consists of using these acupuncture needles to release tension in muscles and joints, which also allows release of irritated nerves and vessels, and ultimately assists the body back into alignment to re-establish optimum function.

I also utilise Taping techniques, where necessary, to support the body and aid in its recovery.
Education of relevant stretching and strengthening exercises is also offered to you, to assist in your healing process.

Any symptoms ranging from back and neck pain, headaches, muscle strains and joint pain to tendinopathies, bursitis, nerve impingements/entrapment, Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow and much more, are all conditions available for assessment and treatment during sessions.

I also provide an option for clients, at their discretion, to explore Symbolic Bodywork that is connected to body symptoms.

This is facilitated through a variety of techniques,(including meditation), as well as looking into strategies to optimise your overall lifestyle and quality of life.

My ultimate joy is to see you living your best, most fulfilling life, free of pain and dysfunction.

Among my other passions in life, I enjoy sunshine, beach, bushwalks, pilates, stretching, and various fitness fun, including trampolining and soccer with my nephews.

For further information or to make an appointment, you can contact me on mobile: 0423 637 932 or via email:

Look forward to connecting with you soon.