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The nervous system – the brain and spinal cord – are the first cells laid down in utero to begin the life of a new and unique individual – YOU!

Without this system you will not exist; without the full and optimal functioning of this system the body ceases to be healthy – it is always in a state of disease.

When a joint ceases to move properly (a deficiency of movement) due to trauma, poor posture, chemical, emotional or chemical stressors, negative (or nociceptive) feedback will enter either the subconscious or the conscious brain. This will also hamper correct communication between the brain and a particular body part, leading to impaired function.

So when gentle and safe chiropractic adjustments are applied to the body to make the joints work better, we also re-establish better “talk” between the brain and body. This is actually where the real magic happens! Your body heals the lines of communication and you experience something you seek daily – better health; a priceless commodity!

Dr Sonia Allum

Dr Sonia Allum

Previously committed to a life of a general practitioner, three days with a chiropractor changed the path of a young student at university.

Graduating from New South Wales University with a Bachelor of Science (Anatomy) and then from Macquarie University in 1996, with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic, Dr Allum began practice in Umina on the Central Coast, with her mentor, Dr Peter Grieve.

After working alongside Peter, she began her own practice, called balancepoint, in Erina in 2003.

Her new Central Coast centre, HealTHY Self, is the cumulation of dreams begun many years ago: to have a health centre where whoever walks through the door can have many modalities and much wisdom working synergistically to help them return to good health, to inspire, to empower, to make a difference in people’s health and therefore, in their lives.

Her faith and two wonderful boys, Zane and Ji, inspire her to greater loving and learning each day.

Her interests, besides chiropractic, health and wellness include; growing her own produce, cooking it (definitely eating it!), reading, volunteer projects, hot yoga, travel, camping and coastal lifestyle.