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    • DipAudio.HgDvPEv.MACAud
    • Member of The Australian College of Audiology
    • Office of Hearing Services Practitioner 2450351J
    • Working with Children Check: WWC0722502E

Caroline is an accredited full member with the Australian College of Audiology (ACAud) as a Hearing Rehabilitation Specialist (HRS) and an Office of Hearing Services Practitioner with the government Department of Health. Caroline has been a fully qualified hearing clinician for the past 17 years working with both adults and children conducting hearing assessments, hearing device fittings and hearing rehabilitation.

Caroline specialises in children’s hearing screening assessments from the age of 2 ½ years of age and older. Using different play audiometry techniques such as speech reception thresholds using picture pointing games (especially for younger children) makes the assessment not only fun and engaging but helps the child feel comfortable and safe. Play audiometry also holds the child’s attention and focus throughout the assessment.
Older children and adult assessment is conducted using pure tone audiometry and bone conduction in a sound proof booth.

Children’s hearing testing takes approximately 30mins and includes a hearing test and tympanometry (middle ear function testing which can indicate fluid in the middle ear or glue ear etc).

Results and report are given at the end of the assessment as well as recommendation for further action.

Caroline also conducts adult hearing tests and industrial baseline and monitoring hearing tests for those working in noise for WorkCover or employment assessments.

To make an appointment or for further information, please contact Caroline on 0455 404 486, email:, submit an enquiry, or visit her website: