Preparing for Winter 2015

Sonia Allum, Chiropractor HealTHY Self Centre, ErinaAs we journey into the depths of winter and more bugs are shared amongst us (because we love each other!), it is appropriate that our focus for this month is on foods that act as medicines for the immune system.

Soups and broths are great to keep us warm and our seasonal foods actually thicken our blood (as compared to thinning it in summer) to do just that.

Our immune system is so strong that if we keep it healthy, bugs get destroyed quickly and efficiently without need for intervention.

Come into the centre this week and taste our Leek & Cauliflower Soup, download the recipe from the website and get cookin’, good lookin’!!

The cauliflower is actually a signature food for the brain, that is, it looks like a brain and is food/medicine for the brain- that’s why it’s called a HEAD of cauliflower! Ancient wisdom is amazing isn’t it? It focuses on the white matter of the brain and spine by “cleansing them” of toxins and waste material.

Both leek and garlic are medicines for the immune system. They belong to the Allium (sounds like my relatives!) vegetables. Leeks were prized by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, especially revered for their beneficial effects on the throat. Garlic was bestowed with sacred qualities and placed in the tombs of the pharaohs and given to the slaves that built the pyramids to enhance their endurance and strength. It tops the list of anti-carcinogenic foods and can kick a cold so quickly when you have just a clove or two raw. I’m not sure if it’s the smell which scares it off, but it works!!

Other foods which act as medicine for your immune system are: apples, berries, green onion, honeydew, horseradish, lemons, limes, orange, peach, prickly pear cactus, radishes and tangerines.Remember to eat only seasonally off this list though. I hate winter – but I know my appreciation for summer is accentuated because of it, and I am taught to remember that there is a “season for everything”.

Also, if there was no rain, we’d miss out on the rainbow.

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