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Our first birthday

Would you believe healTHY self has turned 1 already? Happy Birthday to us!! Although being in practise for 20 years, this centre is quite young and I am overjoyed at how many lives are being impacted here to live healthier and happier through the work of the wonderful practitioners we have here. For two weeks in February we will put everyone who visits the centre as a client, into a draw to win a free Hair Analysis Consultation, Elite Health Assessment or Massage. First and second name drawn gets to choose their prize of these offered.

Hair Analysis Naturopathic Consultation

I am so excited about introducing our new hair analysis consultation that Hannah, our resident naturopath is offering. Hair is similar to the trunk of a tree, it records everything that is happening to its host over time. Our hair analysis allows you to get a clear idea of what has been happening in your body with regard to deficiencies and toxicities at a microscopic level.

From this consultation you will receive a 26 page report that outlines your individual deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and will details issues that you have with regard to pathogens like viruses, bacteria and mould and radiation or chemical issues. It will also note foods and additives that should be avoided. Hannah will customise dietary recommendations so that you can optimise your health outcomes.

Stop grasping at straws and get some objective direction with regard to what you need! It’s very exciting to be able to access such a great tool! Even better you can claim your 30 minute consultation on your health fund and re-assess in 3 months.

New kids on the block…

No not the block on tv, these people are much more famous than that, or they should be! I am happy to introduce you to:

Introducing Allison

Allison Amey, a wonderful new female massage therapist to our centre, Allison has had many years experience in her field and no one goes away the same! In fact, a client of mine told me he was not coming back to see me as I was now unnecessary to his care!! More than satisfied with her therapy I would say!! Welcome Allison!!

Allison is available on Mondays and Thursdays, and bookings can be made through the front desk.

A warm welcome to Ralston

Ralston Burgess will begin his podiatry care at the centre at the end of March. You will find Ralston a very caring and authentic practitioner who is very aware of the holistic approach to care. With three young boys to keep up with at home he has loads of energy and enthusiasm to share with you as you strive for better health.

Ralston will take appointments on a Wednesday – just talk to Kim or Tracey.

Meet Claudia

Claudia Allenson is such a talented lady, I am delighted to utilise her skills in our centre. A trained SCENAR practitioner she has a real interest in people’s welfare and has some amazing testimonials from her work with this therapy.

I wanted to train in this myself but limitation of time prevented this, so the opportunity to offer this at the centre is very exciting. Watch this brief video to find out just how this therapy works.

Claimable on your fund, under certain conditions. We are glad to have you on team Claudia!

Weight Loss Workshop

Girls only!! I am sick of talking to girls who tell me they are eating like sparrows and still they can’t drop any weight. No one likes being bigger than they want to be. I know cause I was the FAT teenager the boys bypassed. Let’s have a chat about some tips to get back to who we want to be in 2015! Only $15 for the night on 25th Feb at 7pm here at healTHY self. Places are limited so book at the front desk.

Kids Health Seminar

Of everything precious to me, my kids are one of the dearest! I think this could be said of every one of you as well (if you have them!). So when I see sick kids I spend a lot of time teaching parents what to do when acute illness strikes. Often because we are sleep- deprived and scared of what might happen or in fact, of the diagnosis we have been given, we make decisions which may have consequences we may not fully understand.

In this seminar I will outline the natural things I have used with many kids over time, especially my own (the best guinea pigs for a crazy mother!). From constipation, bedwetting, ear infections, colds and flu, rashes……let’s check out some things to try!

Seminar bookings will be taken for March although date will be confirmed. This will be popular so give your name to the girls to reserve your place.

Elite Health Program

Sick of being sick and tired and never really getting to the bottom of it?

OR Want to optimise your health and take it to the next level?

If you are this person this is the program for you!

4 Hours of consultation, 4 different practitioners (chiropractor / homeopath / naturopath / counsellor) as well as a report on your foot health and a hair analysis is this basis of this program. The resident practitioners will then consult together (over breakfast I believe!!) and in a feedback/treatment session will outline the very best way for you to move forward and on to better health results.

For many years this has been a dream of mine; to utilise the wisdom of many modalities and practitioners for the benefit of the person coming through the door, to optimise their health quickly using the benefits each modality offers. You will be able to claim for the different modalities and we will ensure it is affordable.

Look out for this on facebook or here on the website!


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I give thanks everyday for each of you who come through my door and teach me a little more about life. Thank you for enriching my life and making me both a better practitioner and person!


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