Do you know about Australian Hearing?

Hearing loss is a significant health issue in our community, currently affecting one in six Australians.

With 60 percent of people aged over 60 suffering some form of hearing loss, by 2050, it is predicted this will rise to one in every four.

If you are concerned about your hearing, a hearing check will give you peace of mind:

  • A hearing check is painless, takes less than 15 minutes and measures what you can and cannot hear
  • Australian Hearing offers free hearing checks for pensioners and veterans, through the voucher system, which is authorised by a doctor.

This hearing service also provides the Community Service Obligation (CSO) program, which means that we are the sole provider of hearing services to children and young adults under 26, indigenous people over 50 and adults with complex hearing needs.

Here at healTHY self, we are one of the 490 plus centres nationwide, to provide this service.

Connect with 65 years of better hearing experience on our special number. Call: 02 4348 2700