Kinesiology Central Coast

Teri Marks, Holistic Kinesiologist

Teri Marks, Holistic Kinesiologist, Erina

Teri Marks is a Holistic Kinesiologist graduating from the College of Complementary Medicine Sydney in 2005. Teri has over 12 years’ experience working with those who have challenges and difficulties emotionally, mentally and physically.

Teri uses muscle monitoring, holistic counselling, traditional Chinese medicine and nutritional kinesiology to help facilitate her clients back to good health. Teri is very passionate about healthy living and uses a holistic approach to provide her clients with understanding, empathy and continual support.

Kinesiology uses - Bed wetting, Behavioural problems, Depressive tendencies, Digestive disorders, Fatigue & tiredness, Fears & phobias, Food sensitivities, Learning difficulties, Nervous disorders, Nutritional concerns, Stress, Trauma and General wellbeing.

To make an appointment or to get in touch with Teri, please contact The HealTHY Self Centre, Erina on (02) 4365 2949, or please submit an enquiry here.